The Good Goodbye Ritual

A self-guided energetic cleanse and release

If you have been feeling weighed down by grief and loss, or perhaps the stagnant energy of being stuck in life, love, or work, you can finally transition into a new chapter with more clarity and ease. The Good Goodbye® Ritual is a simple, self-guided practice that can be integrated throughout your life, whenever you need it.

We are experiencing a collective grief.


What are you ready to let go of so you can navigate this time of transition with more ease?

I invite you to clear space to release what is no longer serving you and enjoy the nourishing experience of this self-guided ritual, which I’ve designed around the five pillars of The Good Goodbye® approach:

Acceptance, Understanding, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Saying Goodbye.

Honor the sacredness of change in your life and welcome the new chapter that awaits you.

“The Good Goodbye is a gift. Not only is it a great companion during a time of change, it will help to heal past losses that maybe didn’t get a healthy goodbye. That’s the goal: gratitude for all the experiences we have in life – happy, sad, painful – because they ALL leave us softer and wiser if we honor their teachings.”



Here’s what is included in The Good Goodbye Ritual:

6 audio teachings to guide you in creating your own ritual of release that will get you to say goodbye to one relationship, phase, or narrative with gratitude and ease so you can free up your energy for a new chapter.
Insightful prompts for you to enjoy the process as you record and celebrate your breakthroughs. Anytime you want to get rid of built-up frustration, pull out your Ritual Reflections and return to this grounding ritual.
Lifetime access to all of the recordings and materials included in The Good Goodbye Ritual. You will always receive the most current version so you can experience the best support to integrate this practice into your life.


Receive this lifetime practice today.

Included are all the exercises, step by step audio instruction, and guided inpiration you need for a sacred 3-hour ritual of releasing what is no longer serving you while stepping into a more expansive energetic space.

“What stopped me from healing from thyroid disease was not knowing what or who I would be on the other side of it. My whole world was tied up in managing this chronic illness, so letting myself say a Good Goodbye to that part of me and say hello to a new me was the last missing piece.”  


“After my first son’s birth, it took me completely losing control to realize I needed help transitioning from my pre-parent life to my new role as mommy. Doing so helped me have a Good Goodbye from the old Ashley and turn the page to the next chapter of life with grace & acceptance.”

“The gentleness, grace and practicality of Gladys’ Good Goodbye teaching is abundantly clear from the very start. I would absolutely recommend The Good Goodbye to anyone who is needing a roadmap for the journey through loss and pain. You will feel held and loved the whole way.”

“Gladys’ Good Goodbye approach enabled us to give space to all members of our university community to grieve the closure of the school in our unique ways & to celebrate the experience with each other. She did this all in a balanced & holistic way that respected their dignity and honored their service to the institution.”


This ritual was designed for you, if you want to:


Release an unfinished ending you’ve been ruminating on and can’t seem to move beyond…

Clean up a resentment you don’t want to take with you into a new chapter…

Accept the end of a relationship and stop replaying in your head how things could have been different…

Create the necessary changes in your life without regret or guilt holding you back…

Feel grateful for what’s ending and embrace that’s next with deeper clarity and purpose…


These life transitions are deserving of care and intention so that you do not bring along the same baggage of unresolved resentment, fear, and worry that continue to energetically pile up on you.

“The Good Goodbye is a timeless resource for dealing with change, building resiliency, and confidently saying goodbye to what you’ve lost in life as you process your journey of healing. My gratitude goes to Gladys for creating this valuable resource to change how we deal with change and loss in the world.”


Meet your mentor.

Dr. Gladys Ato is a leadership mentor, clinical psychologist, speaker, and author of The Good Goodbye: How to Navigate Change and Loss in Life, Love, and Work. She teaches communities how to amplify their leadership and build their emotional intelligence in times of uncertainty using The Good Goodbye® approach.

Recognized as a Latina leader by Hispanic Executive magazine and winner of the Women Worth Watching in Education award, Gladys has been featured in BBC WorkLife, Forbes, TEDx Lincoln Square, NPR, NBC News, The Unmistakable Creative and other top publications and podcasts.

Receive The Good Goodbye Ritual today.

This self-guided ritual is designed to be woven into your life as a regular practice of release. Clear out stagnant energy and end the constant rumination on a relationship that’s not working so you can put your energy toward the relationship you desire.