The Good Goodbye Ritual

A self-guided energetic cleanse and release

Here’s what is included in The Good Goodbye Ritual:


6 audio teachings to guide you in creating your own ritual of release that will get you to say goodbye to one relationship, phase, or narrative with gratitude and ease so you can free up your energy for a new chapter.
Insightful prompts for you to enjoy the process as you record and celebrate your breakthroughs. Anytime you want to get rid of built-up frustration, pull out your Ritual Reflections and return to this grounding ritual.
Lifetime access to all of the recordings and materials included in The Good Goodbye Ritual. You will always receive the most current version so you can experience the best support to integrate this practice into your life.


You will receive this lifetime practice for $129.

Included are all the exercises, step by step audio instruction, and guided inspiration you need for a sacred 3-hour ritual of releasing what is no longer serving you while stepping into a more expansive energetic space.