From a story you tell to a story you OWN

Because telling a brand story is one thing. Owning it is what puts you in high demand.

\ ˈmint \
To create, fashion or produce for the first time. 

Gladys Ato invites you to:


The elite 9-week mentoring program starting July, 2019

Inside this immersive and transformational experience, you’ll create a minted LOVE Story that will bring you the next-level success you’ve been craving so you can shine as a true industry leader.

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“I love your LOVE Story method! It’s brilliant. And you, Gladys Ato, are just the person to teach it. SOLD.”

LAURA BELGRAY, Copywriting Empress, Founder of Talking Shrimp

For expert coaches, creatives and service providers who want a story that does the selling for them

This is your chance to get my direct mentoring on your business and implement my L.O.V.E. Story™ method so you can:

*  finally step into your leadership and leave imposter syndrome behind

*  own your magic – not just a professional skill set – that lets you triple your prices and more

*  develop a vision for your business that ignites your audience to rally behind a higher purpose and contribute to your lasting legacy

*  create transformative experiences that get noticed by other industry leaders, the media, & fans who effortlessly line up to learn from & buy from you.

“Gladys was my secret weapon for crafting my signature story and making the most of my features on Entrepreneur on Fire & Forbes so I could turn my visibility into SOLID business opportunities!” 

EEVI JONES, Bestselling Author, Founder of Children’s Book University

I’m inviting a small group of experts to join me in a transformational journey where you get my direct mentoring, advanced teaching and unwavering support over the full 9 weeks.

In an oversaturated marketplace, the only way to rise to the top is by differentiating yourself as a leader.

But my guess is you’ve struggled with that.

You feel embarrassed standing in the spotlight. Or think others have more important things to say than you. You’ve gotten comfortable with hiding and staying small.

You deserve better than that.

Now more than ever, the world needs you to step up as leader. To shepherd communities to a new way of thinking, feeling and doing.

People want to fall in love with something that gives them a higher purpose to rally behind.

And you are the one to lead them to it.


“I struggled talking about what I do confidently and was scattered before working with Gladys. Since the Love Council wrapped up, I had my biggest month ever and signed on three new clients as a direct result of my increased confidence and ability to talk about what I have to offer. One of the things I’m most excited about is simply being able to share more. For so long, I stayed hidden, but I’m so confident in the story that Gladys helped me bring to life and now is the time to share more of myself. I’m so glad I made the commitment.”
Dr. Riva Robinson

Functional Medicine Physician & Wellness Coach, RIVA Wellness

“This program helped me reconnect with my past, my mission and my values. It helped me figure out my target audience and what I want to do with my life and my business. If you’re struggling to figure out who you are here to help and what your signature story is, Gladys’ Love Story program is the best thing out there. You really get one on one attention with Gladys even in a group program. Gladys helped me own my magic and talk about my business confidently as an expert would. Gladys is my secret weapon and what allows me to flourish in my business and tell my story with love.”
Jeremy Lipkowitz

Meditation Teacher & Mindfulness Coach, Untangling the Mind

“If it wasn’t for Gladys, my messaging would still be completely scrambled. The love story is so powerful! Gladys has perfected the art of getting out what’s buried inside, getting you clear on your message, and opening you up to opportunities. By injecting my story, people started relating to me more and finally understood what it is that I do. Now I have entrepreneurs coming to me asking me to be featured in their summits. For 8 months, I was teetering in my message, not knowing who I was talking to. Now, I’m completely focused on the audience who I was born to serve and who I feel most passionate about helping. It was a joint experience that we didn’t want to be over with a group cheering you on and making your vision possible. To get more clarity on your vision and your story, you need to be talking to Gladys.”
Ina Coveney

Salary Replacement Strategist


“I started seeing results almost instantaneously. I stopped thinking so much and I FEEL now. If I hadn’t had this experience, I wouldn’t have had the energy and confidence to own what I do. I loved that she created a safe space for the community to apply what she was teaching. It was very experiential and effortless. Money well spent – totally worth it!”
Diana Tower

Community Engagement Specialist

“I did not know how to convey my message naturally without following a recipe. Gladys helped me remove my mindset of following rules and recipes. It was awkward and scary until I learned to trust myself. Gladys provided me with the freedom to express myself, become more confident, and see the value in my story. In my business, it gave me freedom and unblocked me to create content for my audience. I loved the homework and accountability and how she provided more value by inviting guest experts. You really have a partner alongside you as you practice your story. You can not hide, this program delivers and you’ll be proud of your achievement.”
Catherine Wu

Health Coach

“Gladys helped me identify the bridge in my own story and to think about myself, my story and my business in a whole different way. I now feel confident in myself and talking about what I do. This is the foundation of any business – finding the love story in your story.”
Doreen Cutonilli


Using my L.O.V.E. Story™ method, you’ll discover how to:

PHASE 1: Create your minted Signature LOVE Story


If you’ve been held back from going big in your business by imposter syndrome or fear of being seen, we’re going to get rid of what’s holding you back once and for all.

Discover how to develop a leadership mindset that will quickly get you noticed as an authority in your industry.

Develop the confidence to become THE go-to expert without worrying if people think you’re full of yourself.

Do what you’ve been dreaming of doing but were too afraid to make happen.

OWN your magic

You’re so much more than what’s listed on your resume.

Your undeniable business advantage goes beyond your professional skills, degrees, or certificates.

It’s about shining a light on what makes YOU – the whole package – the best choice out of anyone in your industry.

I’ll help you uncover all of your amazing gifts that took a lifetime to develop and weave them into your business offerings in a way that’s irresistible to your audience.

You’re going to walk into your next networking event talking about what you do & why you’re the best at it in a way that blows everyone out of the water.  

Establish a VISION for your audience that’s bigger than the vision they have for themselves

The training in the online entrepreneurial space is overly focused on the bottom line: how to get more leads so you can get more clients and get more money.

None of those things will inspire your audience to buy from you.  

They’re quickly sniffing out the hidden agendas behind worn-out lure tactics. And they expect more.

They want a higher purpose to rally behind. A vision for what’s possible in their lives that’s more than what they envision for themselves.

And when you show them that YOU are the one to make that vision a reality for them, they don’t just become your clients.

They become your biggest champions.  

Provide educational experiences that ELEVATE lives

Information-based marketing is dying. Quickly.

To rise to the top, you need to teach, not tell, your audience what to do in a way that creates positive, transformational change.

This is why education-based marketing is becoming the magic bullet of top influencers and leaders in every industry.

Been getting crickets on your Facebook posts or Lives? Not anymore.

Discover the secrets I’ve used in my 15-year career as an online education expert to deliver teachable moments to your audience that have them begging to learn more from you.

PHASE 2: Share your LOVE Story like a PRO

Ever feel like a blubbering mess trying to explain what you do in your business?

Do you feel totally deflated when you share your message and get crickets on the other end?

Ready for the big spotlight on stage or in the media and want to have your Signature Talk nailed down?

When you have a clear business message that lights you up like nobody’s business, you can’t help but want to tell the world about it.

And that kind of excitement and confidence makes you irresistible.

Once you have your Signature LOVE Story in place, you’ll get my secrets to communicating it like a pro.

I’ll reveal how to:

Make your LOVE Story a SIGNATURE TALK that puts you in A-lister status. 

Want to speak on stage, get on your first podcast, do a stellar Facebook Live, or host an amazing mastermind class or webinar?

If you’ve held yourself back from any of these because you haven’t known how to talk about your business in a way that stands out from the rest, here’s your answer: 

Your signature talk is the simplest, most powerful way to open the hearts, minds and wallets of your ideal clients.

Get my 35 years of award-winning, public speaking expertise and direct feedback on your speaking & influencing skills as you share your signature talk LIVE during our group sessions so you’re ready for the spotlight.

I guarantee you’re going to have a before/after experience that would make Oprah melt.

Create THOUGHT LEADERSHIP that becomes your legacy

When your business is built on a foundation of LOVE, your work is bigger than just getting more clients and more sales.

It’s about making a positive impact for the future that becomes your legacy.

It’s about shaping your industry for the better as a leader.

I’ll help you take your signature story and turn it into a thought leadership piece that shines a light not just on your business, but on the big vision you have that inspires new audiences to rally behind you. 

If you’ve wanted to get on the big stage or be published but haven’t known what to say, your problem has now been solved.



“I was pretty insecure and hiding before, but since working with Gladys I landed a private client at EIGHT TIMES the rate I was previously charging, secured the opportunity to write for the Teachable blog, to teach a class for the Digital Marketer’s membership, and will be speaking at RETAIN Live in September of 2019!

DIANA TOWER, Community Engagement Consultant and star student

“Gladys helped me uncover my signature story, refine my marketing message & prepare for my first podcast interview. If you want to ready yourself for the world stage, Gladys will get you there! “

CARMEN WILDE, High performance coach & breakthrough specialist

“I’m in total shock with how you captured my story in a way that I couldn’t express without sounding like a blubbering mess. I’ve struggled with this for a year and in less than an hour, you nailed it!”

KOMI AGBODZIE, Lifestyle & wellness coach for executive leaders


•    Are an expert in your field and want to save time, money and energy building a name for yourself as a go-to industry leader

•    Have been at the entrepreneur thing for a while and want an easier way to stand out from all the noise

    Want to showcase your business as high-class so you can stop feeling deflated and demoralized trying to fit in with what everyone else is doing

    Secretly dream of being the next Oprah and know that getting comfortable in the spotlight is necessary to stand out from the crowd…

I will help you stand out, make an impact and profoundly serve those who are waiting for your message.


I’m Gladys Ato and as a former university president/CEO and psychologist with a winning 36-year public speaking track record, I’ve shared hundreds of stories that touched people’s hearts & influenced them to champion my big vision as a leader.

I’ve taught expert coaches, artists, consultants and executives – smart people who were a jumbled mess when talking about their business – how to become a leader of influence through their own LOVE Story.

And I’m sharing the best of my expertise to help you elevate your business, stand out as a leader, and connect, influence and shine through as you share your LOVE Story with the world. 


1.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned expert with a loyal following or still trying to figure out your niche.

If you want to elevate your authority with a LOVE Story that does the selling for you, this is for you. And in uncovering your story, niche problem is SOLVED.

2.  This group is designed to be experiential.

That means you’re going to learn through doing. No fill in the blank templates. No pre-recorded modules. No hiding in the shadows or just observing. You’re expected to actively participate every week. If you don’t, you’ll be kindly asked to leave the program. No refunds. 

3.  Be ready to cross the threshold of expansion.

This program is a transformational, life-changing experience (my students’ words, and I agree). Give me one session and I’ll know exactly what you need to do to shine as a leader and say goodbye to any fears, blocks, or resistance that have kept you playing small until now.

Let’s get you out of your own way so you can bring your magic to the world.

Included are all the direct support, strategies, and personalized guidance you need to find the LOVE Story in your business that puts you in high demand in your industry:

9 weeks of direct mentoring from me

Private FB group with weekly, advanced trainings that will make every other program or course you’ve taken feel like grade school 

Weekly Zoom calls where you’ll practice sharing your LOVE Story and get real-time feedback to go from shy and stuttering to confident and charismatic 

Ask the Expert BONUS including expert sessions with industry leaders in copywriting, on-camera presence, high-end sales and wealth mindset, and education-based marketing

An accountability group to practice sharing your story with, give you feedback on your thought leadership piece, and champion you forward each step of the way (this is like mastermind heaven!)


If you like the finer things in life that are catered just for you, then choose VIP to get my eyes on  your most pressing needs so you can meet your goals in no time.

Here’s what VIP gets you: 

Part 1: MAP OUT YOUR STRATEGY: 1.5-hour Intensive to go deep into your business strategy and make sure your packages, pricing and messaging are reflecting your full expertise.

Part 2: GET THE MAGIC TOUCH: Monthly 1:1 calls where I refine your signature story, signature talk or thought leadership piece so it’s perfectly showcasing your magic as a leader. 

Ready to find the LOVE story in your business? 

“I would have never had a signature story if it wasn’t for you, Gladys. You helped me see my MAGIC and translated it in a way that really lands with my people. It makes me so proud to share it!”

CHARLY SIROIS, Intuitive Mentor & Psychic Medium


I'm ready to part ways with what's holding me back from the great things in life!



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