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I’m in total shock with how Gladys captured my business message in a way I couldn’t express without sounding like a blubbering mess. I’ve been struggling with this for a year and in less than an hour, she nailed it!” 

KOMI AGBODZIE, Lifestyle & wellness coach for executive leaders

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Want a brand message that feels like a luxury to talk about?

I’m Dr. Gladys Ato and as an executive leader and psychologist with a winning 37-year public speaking track record, I’ve had to share my brand message thousands of times in an impactful way that touched hearts & influenced action on behalf of my big vision.

I’ve taught former Fortune 100 execs, expert coaches, artists, doctors, and other smart people who were a jumbled mess when talking about their business how to use my Elevated Brand Message (EBM) formula to take their business to industry leader status.

And I’m sharing with you the exact formula my private clients pay a premium price to access through this video training.

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➤    Elevate your personal brand so you’re never bored or embarrassed hearing yourself explain what you do in your business

➤    Give you a world-class brand message that has heads turning and ears perking to learn more about you

➤    Help you stand out as an authority from the sea of sameness

➤    Give your audience a higher purpose they can rally behind so they become your biggest champions (and promoters of your business)

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