A 3-day Refresh to let go, renew, & create magic on demand

Because doing the New Year, New You thing doesn’t cut it anymore.

Dear You:

We’re over it too…all the same regurgitated messages trying to get you to believe that the New Year is the key to your happiness.

How about you stop making the YEAR be the year you have your best year yet! Because saying you WILL HAVE the best year yet implies it’s not here. 

How about being able to honestly say 2022 is the best year and IT IS even better in 2023 because getting what you desire doesn’t need a date on your calendar to happen.

You can have all the magic now. You can believe in your dreams and let them get so big they feel impossible to everyone else but you. You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted and more – simply because you want it.  No longer do you need to prove that you can have bigger love, better health, or more money. It’s all there for you.

You are meant to have it all. 

So let’s say a Good Goodbye to all this “best year yet” marketing crap and start creating the life you desire…whenever you desire it!


Gladys, Ulla & Eicca

No more waiting your turn for the universe to have your back. You’re a fucking creator. So let’s create the path to the life you want NOW.

Here’s to so much adventure. So much growth. So much love. So much BIGGER & MORE!!

Join Gladys Ato, Ulla Gaudin, Eicca Toppinen and other magical humans for 3 days as we dust off the energetic crap that led you to forget how freaking magnificent you are and show you how to quantum jump your way into having what you want when you want it.

Because why keep making life so hard on yourself?

We know that these past years have been beyond difficult. Each day there’s more tragedy and breakdown happening worldwide that can make you feel it’s just a matter of time for life to get really shitty for you.

So you keep wondering when you’ll be let down. And with each passing moment that leaves you worried, sad, or unsure, you find it harder to believe things will actually work out for you. 

Rather than expanding, you take up less space, breathe smaller breaths, and are quick to spot the evidence that life isn’t working out for you. You dreams get smaller so as to not make things worse because why should you have it amazing right now?

Why shouldn’t you?

Why shouldn’t you have the life you dream of? 

Why shouldn’t you have money and love and health flow easily to you without trying hard to make it happen?

Why shouldn’t you be happy with your life every single fucking day and KNOW that every day forward gets to be this good?

 Why shouldn’t you have it all?

It doesn’t matter what career you have or whether you have kids or not. Even those of us that seem to ‘have it all’ question why we deserve to be happy. It’s an old narrative that’s been etched into our minds for ages but NOW is the time to let that shit go!

You are more than worthy to have everything you desire in the most stupid, easy, fun ways possible. And it starts with giving yourself a chance to trust that life can be safe. That you are secure to dream bigger. That you are protected and so deeply loved to step into a new reality.

 You are the only one who can create the life you desire.

If you’ve been waiting for circumstances around you to change before you can feel good again, you’re in for a tough year ahead. Because changing your life ALWAYS STARTS WITHIN.

As soon as you are honest with what your heart truly desires and lighten up your energy around it, you can start imagining bigger and more ways to receive what you want. When your nervous system uncoils into this delicious space of possibility, that’s when you can feel and know your dreams are here for you now.

Your only job is to SEE IT DONE.

Here’s what you’ll learn during these 3 days:

DAY 1:

Get to the heart of what’s keeping you from receiving bigger & more of what you desire and LET IT GO through a Good Goodbye® release. Whatever thoughts, beliefs, or old stories you’ve been running in the background of your mind to keep life from being easy, we’ll dissolve them like Pop Rocks in your mouth and show you the clearest path to TRUSTING that life is always working out for you. 

DAY 2:

Retrain your brain to let your heart (aka: emotions) lead the way. We’re talking to you, brilliant overthinkers and analyzers – YOU ARE THINKING YOUR WAY TO MORE OF WHAT YOU DON’T WANT! We’ll reveal how to stop the negative feedback loops that keep you in resistance mode and to use your heart brain as a guide for getting clear on what you most desire and how to BELIEVE it’s possible for you. 

DAY 3:

Create an Oscar-worthy script of your life where you quit rehearsing how life isn’t going to work out for you. Get EXACTLY what you desire by becoming a perfect energetic match for your wildest dreams. Learn how to connect to your energy body & remove any blocks that have been stored in your physical body so you can quantum jump your way into a new reality. Discover the secrets to staying in this new reality where you KNOW bigger & more of what you desire is already here for you.

Just be open to receiving, honey. We got the rest covered.


Join our 3-day live Refresh teachings virtually or in person if you live in the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico area. We will meet for 2 hours each day for live teachings and Q/A. If you attend in person, you will have an additional 1.5 hours of time after the teachings to engage in a real-time energetic cleanse, a deep release of your personal blocks to happiness, and personalized guidance to identify what you most desire and how to receive it in the most stupid, easy, fun ways possible. 

Get lifetime access to the recorded teachings along with creative exercises and guided meditations that will help you step out of any negative feedback loops and move through your emotional blocks effortlessly so you can let that energetic shit that keeps you from allowing in what you desire GO. 

BONUS!!! Receive a VIP invite to the Bliss Off! Playground™️, an immersive Masterclass-inspired journey that will unleash the honest truth of your heart’s desires, reveal how to quickly lighten up your energy & release pent-up grief, and lead you to relax into receiving what you desire without making it so freaking hard on yourself. In this beautifully curated virtual world, Gladys, Ulla, & Eicca will reveal through their own intimate life stories and soulful teachings what the impossibly possible dream place feels like energetically. Engage in results-focused, entertaining activities that will give you a deep energetic flush to clear out your mind, heart, & body so you can stay in the impossibly possible dream place, no matter what that place represents. This VIP invite provides a $299 savings off the $2997 enrollment price.


When you KNOW life is unfolding perfectly for you and you will of course get everything you desire and more, you stop rehashing shit in your mind trying to find the lessons. 

There are none. 

Lessons assume you have done something wrong or that there’s a better way to do things or that you don’t want the same outcome next time. 

When you know life is always working out for you, you stop trying to control how things go and you take delight in the unfolding – as it is. 

Knowing you are safe, secure, protected, and loved is your birthright. It’s the one truth you can always lean on. 

Only when you know this can you let go of so much old shit that keeps you from knowing you are magnificently magical.

You always were, always are, and always will be.

Your purpose in this life is to ENJOY it. It’s that simple, yet it’s become so complex to allow it in…until now. This 3-day refresh will show you that you don’t have to work hard to prove that you’re worthy of having happiness, freedom, ease, or whatever you’ve convinced yourself you can’t have unless you suffer for it. 

The rules have changed and we are here to show you the new playground you get to play in. Trust us, the toys are WAY better in here!! 


GLADYS ATO is the queen of big-hearted laughter and uncovering the true power of your soul so you can thrive through any change & quit making it so hard for your dreams to come true. After hitting all the accomplishment milestones as a clinical psychologist, executive leader, public speaker, and author, she decided her purpose in life is to REST. Today she creates magic on demand in between naps with her shaman pup, Lovebug. 

ULLA GAUDIN loves to work her Oscar-nominated makeup & wig magic behind the Hollywood screen where she makes people look dead. On her spare time she talks to the dead and enrolls their help to create a stupid, easy, fun life. She died when she was 23 but her Finnish stubbornness brought her back to life and now she’s connecting you to your best team of magic makers – one dead person at a time. 

EICCA TOPPINEN can pummel you with his heavy-metal vibes, but his real gift is pummeling your heart with his gentle, healing inspiration. An internationally-celebrated and award-winning cellist, songwriter, producer, and founder of the band, Apocalyptica that’s sold over 6 million albums worldwide, Eicca’s soulful presence reminds you to connect to who you really are and let your creative spirit design a life full of playful joy & ease.



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The Bigger & More NOW 3-day Refresh is being taught LIVE where all your questions will be answered by the experts so you can implement the teachings in real time. This experience will give you practical steps and clear instructions on HOW TO:

* Identify the core beliefs that keep you stuck in resistance or self-doubt

* Step out of negative feedback loops that constantly keep you preparing for the worst

* Quickly get your nervous system into a state of ease so you can start expecting the best

* Expand your emotional awareness to catch yourself from repeating old cognitive patterns of self-sabotage

* Develop a strong relationship with your energy & physical body so you can quantum jump your way into a new reality.

Once you register, you will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions on how to join the live event either virtually or in person. This is the ONLY TIME it will be taught live, so we wouldn’t wait to enroll at this introductory price.

We’ve seen over again how our principles work not just for ourselves, but for our communities who have had their lives changed in record time. We refer to this as creating magic on demand and we can’t wait to show you how you can do this for yourself anytime.



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